Correspondence  Team

This team's passion is to write letters and cards that send Christian love, hope and much needed encouragement to those incarcerated and their loved ones... thus conveying to the inmate God's love, grace and forgiveness.
Through correspondence with an inmate and his/her family, the inmate learns that he/she greatly matters to God, us and others.
Besides normal letter writing, we also send Christmas Cards, birthday cards, get well cards, blank cards, inspirational cards, and congratulation cards... why do we send cards of congratulations to someone behind bars?..when an inmate earns his/her Ged, has completed a self-improvement course or has completed an anger management class, etc. We feel its very important to congratulate the inmate for the positive things that he/she achieved, for many inmates its the first time in their life they were told "we're proud of you, great job!"
If you are interested in being a pen-pal to someone incarcerated please contact us at 248-250-4043 or  you can email us at All inmate mail goes through our Post Office Box and is screened..mail is never sent directly to your home, when you write a letter or card you only sign your first name.....there is total security.