Our Celebrate Recovery Inside Team, go into the correctional Facilities and teach the Celebrate Recovery 12-Step Christ-Centered Program, which is a biblical, life-changing recovery program for people who are incarcerated and desire to overcome their hurts - habits - and hang-ups.

This incredibly successful recovery program has similarities to other 12-Step recovery programs, such as AA, however the differences are what makes this program different from all other 12-step programs.

First Celebrate Recovery believes there is no higher Power than Jesus Christ and the program is bibilically based on the eight (8) beatitudes of Matthew.
Second Celebrate Recovery is for any hurt, habit or hang-up, not just substance abuse issues, it could be gambling, sexual addiction, anger, loss of a loved one, pornography issues, abuse, co-dependency, eating disorders, self-worth issues ..... any hurt, habit or hang-up that is keeping you from truly being joyous and free.

You are not "labeled" an alcoholic or Addict, In our meetings, You are a son or daughter of God...you may have been an alcoholic or an addict, but we focus on what positives lay ahead for the individual when they turn their lives and will over to the power of God.

It should be noted that laws, rules and regulations do not change people, only changes of the heart, a heart dedicated to serving Jesus Christ can break the chains of incarceration. Celebrate Recovery brings that realization into the lives of those incarceration. Many of those who are incarcerated are in prison and/or jail not only because of inappropriate actions or behaviors, but many have not faced or dealt with the hurts, habits and hang-ups in their lives from a Christ-Centered basis. Instead they tried to do things their way and consequently have turned to the "wrong solutions" by numbing themselves with drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography and other addictions to "mask" the hurt, pain, abuse, unworthiness that they have experienced in their lives.

Celebrate Recovery truly is Celebrate Discovery as it leads one to discover we can't change the past or predict the future, all we have is today....Celebrate Recovery through Jesus Christ allows one to discover that they do matter, that he loves and cares deeply for each one of us. Through this program Inmates deal with those hurts, habits and hang-ups while they are still incarcerated so upon their release from prison, they won't carry those old hurts, habits, and hang-ups and still be imprisoned from their past.

When did we see you sick or in prison and go
to visit you? ... The King replied, "I tell you the
truth, whatever you did for one of the least of
of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

Matthew 25: 39-40